Lola Lely Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded by designer and RCA graduate Lola Lely. Specialising in vivid and clear work, Lola brings an open, collaborative spirit to all her projects. Lola Lely was born in Hanoi but grew up in London and Kent.

Jochen Holz trained as a glass blower in Germany and completed his studies in Edinburgh and with an MA in Ceramics and Glass at The Royal College of Art. He was awarded the RSA Award in 2000, the Centre Prize at the RCA in 2003 and shortlisted for the Bombay Sapphire Prize. Jochen lives and works in East London.

Our House was a collaboration between Selfridges and artists represented by The New Craftsmen.  The installation explored the concept of home and the rituals, objects and ideas that make a house a home. 

Raewyn Harrison is a ceramic artist who grew up in New Zealand. Her porcelain collections have a strong narrative based on structures and sites that fascinate her. Her recent Mudlarking series is inspired by the River Thames, created using fragments collected from the foreshore.

Charlotte Wainwright worked as a bookbinder in Central London for 3 years before she decided it was time to take the plunge and start her
own bindery in Walthamstow. 
Her workspace is

light, bright and busy. She feels lucky to be part of E17's amazingly creative community.

Reid is originally from New Zealand. He makes workwear for workers and wants everything he makes to be purposeful and tough. He uses denim, canvas, leather, copper and brass and is inspired by 'the guys that built canvas pants and jeans back in the gold rush days.'

Helen of Wool Kitchen says 'I see life in colour.

I tend to notice the smallest details, like the changes you can get in one eye colour or the break down of what makes an amazing blue sky.' She literally works in her kitchen, using  cooking pots and a tea urn for dying yarn.

Mia Sable specialises in traditional saddlery techniques such as hand stitching and hand burnishing leather. She works froma  cabin in the garden, full of leather inspiration and work:
saddles hanging from the beams, antique music cases and tools, lots of tools.

Barry Bliss is a film maker and novelist. His office is filled with numerous objects and pictures, many are related to projects he has worked on, or become inspiration for the next one. "I often wonder at what humans can create
no matter how difficult the circumstances."

Gavin Coyle runs a small studio/workshop dedicated in preserving the skills of traditional craftsmanship in new and innovative ways. He is inspired by flea markets, Richard Wentworth, graphic design, Epping Forest and collaborating with other Walthamstow artists.

Helen from Plyconic works with plywood and takes inspiration from iconic mid-century
furniture. She enjoys the classic rules
of form and function. Her Walthamstow workshop is her spare room, where she stores piece cut ply and assembles her items.

When Sharon Drew paints, she seeks the point where she is only just in control of the paint, letting it behave in ways that surprise and delight her. At the heart are contrast of urban and natural environments, the sensation of light, space and movement.

Spanish born Elsa Gomez has developed her
jewellery range in the last couple of years, now being sold in the Royal Academy of Arts amongst other stockists across the UK. She looks to modernist Architecture and artists such
as Alexander Calder for inspiration.

Turning Earth E10 is a new ceramics centre that opened in the Lee Valley in March 2017, in the 8,500 sq ft top floor of an old hardware factory. As well as running courses, a cohort of 30
career makers are part of the first full-time ceramics incubator in London.

Curtis Thompson embraced his family’s 50-year passion for beekeeping to become one of Britain’s biggest suppliers of urban honey. The company harvests raw, aromatic honey from environmentally-friendly hives often sited in unusual locations across the capital.

Award winning knitwear designer Donna Wilson has run her east end studio for the last twelve years. Her playful designs focus on wildlife and the natural landscape.

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